1. University of Idaho – Idaho At-A-Glance: Climate Overview (prepared specifically for the Summit!)
  2. Idaho Power Company’s 2016 Sustainability Report
  3. Outdoor Industry Association: Idaho Outdoor Recreation Economy Report 
  4. Idaho State Parks & Recreation: Economic Impact and Importance of Power Boating in Idaho
  5. Idaho State Parks & Recreation: Economic Impact and Importance of Snowmobiling in Idaho
  6. Economic importance of off-highway vehicle recreation: An analysis of Idaho counties
  7. Future of Pacific Salmon in the Face of Environmental Change: Lessons from One of the World’s Remaining Productive Salmon Regions
  8. National Wildlife Federation: Wildlife in Hot Water: America’s Waterways and Climate Change


  1. Idaho Climate Conversations:  Real stories about how Idahoans are stepping up, in practical and pioneering ways, to face climate challenges.
  2. The World’s Soaring CO2 Levels Visualized as Skyscrapers

Agencies Focusing on the Changing Climate

Photo: Idaho Transportation Department 
  1. Northwest Climate Science Center – Department of the Interior
  2. Northwest Climate Hub – Department of Agriculture
  3. Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments Program – Climate Program Office, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association
  4. Regional Approaches to Climate Change – Pacific Northwest Agriculture
  5. Beyond Seasons’ End, A Path Forward for Fish and Wildlife in the Era of Climate Change
  6. Montana Climate Assessment
  7. Climate Indicators by EPA
  8. Northwest Climate Toolbox 

Articles on Climate Impacts and Solutions

  1. Fourth National Climate Assessment Public Comment Period Webinars
  2. Indicators of Idaho’s Changing Climate
  3. Acidic Oceans and Warm Rivers That Kill Idaho’s Salmon Might Be Norm in 50 Years
  4. The World’s Soaring CO2 Levels Visualized as Skyscrapers
  5. National Climate Assessment Report: Northwest
  6. A Fiery Future: Climate Change and Wildfire in Idaho
  7. Climate Study Suggests Skiing is on a Short Leash
  8. Climate Change is Unraveling Natural Cycles in the West
  9. Increases in Wildfire-Caused Erosion Could Impact Water Supply and Quality in the West
  10. NY Times: Climate Change Is Complex. We’ve Got Answers to Your Questions.
  11. Farmland Protection Key to Climate Change
  12. Research ranch seeks balance between conservation, grazing
  13. Bloomberg: What’s Really Warming the World?
  14. Energy positive: how Denmark’s Samsø island switched to zero carbon
  15. Commonwealth offers climate vulnerable states “a light at the end of the tunnel”
  16. Future Temperature and Soil Moisture May Alter Location of Agricultural Regions
  17. Restoring Beavers by Plane and Automobile
  18. Ag, economy to be emphasized in Idaho climate conference
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